Episode S01 - Interviews Volume 1


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Dark Discussions is back with a special episode. Boutique disc labels are pumping out lost cult films. With the recent rediscovery of these 1970’s and drive-in films, a number of faux flicks have appeared. On December 12, 2017, the new film, Dangerous People, was released. Having done the festival circuit, the movie has gotten rave reviews and won awards. Co-host Mike and Phil were able to see the film at the convention Scare-A-Con during the summer of 2017. As luck would have it, the screenwriter and director, Garo Nigoghossian, was kind enough to give us some of his time and discuss the film, the process behind it, the plot, and the stars of the movie, including scream queen Angelina Leigh.

In November 2017, co-host Phil was able to interview authors L.L. Soares and Peter N. Dudar about their novels and careers. Both are Stoker nominated authors, with L.L. Soares having won the award for best debut novel. Each discusses their latest works but also all their novels and novellas that span their careers.

This special interview episode lets listeners know about some fantastic authors and a new film that is destined to become a cult classic. Listen up and send us your feedback.

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