Episode 167 - The Dead Snow Franchise


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Japanese horror, Korean horror, French horror, Australian horror, and then there is Norwegian horror. With a wave of foreign genre films getting international releases through festivals, conventions, or disc/VOD, Norway has joined the fray of quite impressive genre movies to hit our dvd shelves. Films such as Next Door, Troll Hunter, the Cold Prey flicks, and Thale are just a handful. With the December disc release of Dead Snow 2, your co-hosts turn to the franchise of zombie Nazi films that have come from Norway.

During WWII, Germany invaded Norway and just like many occupied nations, the Schutzstaffel followed; the notorious Nazi squad that murdered millions of civilians and prisoners-of-war. The Dead Snow franchise focuses on a lost SS squad that died in the mountains of the Lapp region of the country. Now seventy years later, they have returned as zombies to wreak havoc, revenge, and death to the small fishing communities of the north.

Written by Stig Frode Henriksen (who also co-stars in both films) and director Tommy Wirkola, the first film from 2009 brought international attention to the director who has since gone on to major Hollywood films. With Dead Snow's success, the follow up, Dead Snow 2 (2014), was even more successful and the two films have become not only cult classics but also some of the best horror zombie comedies of all time. Dark Discussions focuses on the two films and gives their opinions.

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