Episode 164 - The Walking Dead First Half Season 5 Recap


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Turbulent production history, polarizing characters, changes from the source material, sometimes melodramatic, and yet its the only show in decades that has beat out the National Football League in television ratings. That show, The Walking Dead, continues to have phenomenal ratings. The program shows that zombies, indeed, are not actually dead. Walking dead, yes, but dead as a plot device? Absolutely not! Zombies as antagonists are still possibly the most viable monster in genre fiction. Yet the survival of the characters and the danger from other humans oddly overshadow the walking dead.

Now in its fifth season, the Walking Dead has flourished as a television franchise. Though it has its warts, it still has given us some fantastic horror on the small screen. Grindhouse flare, a much larger and less clichéd diverse cast, and some generally fun times, the show is a favorite of not just genre fans but even mom and dad.

Dark Discussions for the first time since way back on episode 16, we are focusing on the show. Specifically discussing the first half of season five, your co-hosts give their thoughts on the Terminus escape, the Atlanta hospital story arc, the deaths of some important characters, the DC journey, the new diversity in the cast, and the entrance of gay characters, an Episcopal priest, and of course the zombies.

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