Episode 151 - Robin Williams Tribute: One Hour Focus


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Robin Williams passing was a heartrending tragedy that sent ripples not just through Hollywood but also throughout the world. The ever talented comedian and actor gave the world wonderful performances in so many fabulous films. Dark Discussions co-host Eric Webster, who has been championing the film One Hour Photo since the very beginning of this podcast, suggested that we focus an episode on Robin Williams and his work in genre films. Our way to pay tribute to a great talent.

In this episode, we discuss the film One Hour Photo. Sy the photo guy who runs the photo lab at the local box store seems like your ever gracious technician. He's friendly, a strong believer in customer service, and knows that he is there to serve you. However, there is an odd air about him that makes him seem just a bit off. Is he just a quirky and kind individual or is it something else?

Starring Robin Williams and Connie Nielsen, the film is both a character study and a thriller. It follows the life of a quiet and yet sad individual who may be harboring dark secrets about himself that may just be bubbling on the surface of his psyche. But it also tears down the illusion of the white picket fence existence of "anywhere" suburbia, even going as far as being ambiguous on where the story takes place. This episode focuses on one of our generations greatest talents and is part one of our two part tribute to Robin Williams.

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