Episode 147 - Last House on the Left Retrospective


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Oddly this episode was supposed to be about the 2009 remake of The Last House on the Left, directed by Dennis Iliadis. However, the topic switches to the notorious original 1972 movie as well where we compare, contrast, and discuss both films and their place in genre film history.

The original, starring David Hess and produced by Friday the 13th's creator Sean Cunningham and written and directed by Wes Craven, with its famous catch phrase It's Only a Movie, shocked audiences everywhere. Raw and rough, in comparison the 2009 remake featuring Sara Paxton is well made and in some quarters (specifically Stephen King) considered a masterpiece.

Dark Discussions talks about the original's, and in some ways heavy handed, message disguised in grindhouse. We discuss Stephen King's opinion which he wrote about in a Fangoria magazine article, how the original jumped started Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham's career, why the remake is such a well received film despite its subject matter, and compare other classic genre films to the original and why the 1972 film is not considered in the same category as its contemporaries.

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