Episode 071- Blogging the Ghost


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Though various subgenres of horror such as zombies and vampires seem to dominate the modern horror tale, ghost stories have continued to enthrall readers and moviegoers throughout the years. The ghost tale has been effectively made into film with such now classic tales as The Others, The Sixth Sense, The Changeling, and Poltergeist. And with this resurgence lead by such Japanese films as The Ring and The Grudge, ghosts and phantoms have become once more a leader in horror fiction.

Dark Discussions welcomes three modern horror authors that have brought the modern ghost story full circle. All have new books about to be released. Bram Stoker Award Winner Joe McKinney's new novel, Inheritance, comes out in November. Peter Giglio's new novel, Sunfall Manor, comes out in October, and Peter N. Dudar's A Requiem for Dead Flies has just been released. The three have come together on a new blog tour entitled Blogging the Ghost.

Along with discussing their new novels, the three talk about their influences both in film and fiction. Though cinema and television have started a new wave in the subgenre, authors such as Peter Straub and Joe Hill are mentioned as helping the ghost tale's resurgence. Topics including the ghost as a monster is contrasted with that of the ghost as an entity to warn the living. Themes as isolation, abandoned buildings, atmosphere, ghosts as energy, the afterlife, the apparition as an echo, and ghosts in science fiction without the spiritual element are mentioned. Get ready to hear three experts discuss with Dark Discussions the history of the ghost story and how today it is reinventing itself.

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