Episode 067 - Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy Retrospective Part 1


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In 2000, producers took notice of a little film entitled Memento directed by Christopher Nolan. With alternative cinema taking audiences imaginations to new heights, Nolan was being mentioned in the same breath as such contemporaries as Quentin Tarantino, Doug Liman, Guy Richie, and David Fincher who were molding the path of cinema in a direction that hadn’t been seen since the likes of Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, John Cassavetes, and William Friedkin.

After establishing himself in 2002 with both actors and producers alike with the highly acclaimed dark crime drama Insomnia, Nolan was given the reins to a reboot of the mysterious vigilante comic book character, Batman. The character was as ambiguous as his many adaptations. From the campy 1960’s Adam West television adaption to the Tim Burton version, the character had seemed to run its course and reverted back to its public perception as quaint.

However, with his alternative cinema roots and the various dark and brooding story lines of some of the character’s comic arcs, Christopher Nolan created a Batman that was about an individual filled with demons that haunted him more than the psychopathic villains he seemed to face. This version of Batman was not a child’s silly live action cartoon but an intricate tale that encompassed weighty topics seen only in “important” cinema. Dark Discussions begins a retrospective on Nolan’s Batman and the films that have swept the imaginations of film audiences world wide.

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