A Salute To HorrorEtc.

by Eric Webster

February 19, 2016


February 15 2016 was a sad day for a lot of horror fans. It was the day that Anthony DP Mann posted on the Horror Etc. Facebook page confirming what many of us had feared...the podcast is done. While it didn’t come as a surprise after the last year of sporadic episodes, it was still the official end of an era, and I’d like to take a moment to look back at the influence they’ve had on the horror community, and on myself personally.

I can’t remember exactly when I discovered the show, but I got heavy into it around 2010/2011. I loved listening to Tony, Ted, and sometimes Doug, and made it part of my weekly routine. I started sending feedback regularly, and I got enthusiastic enough about the show that when they asked for help with their website redesign, I was happy to volunteer my time. I went through the first 170 episodes of the show writing up the different topics they touched on so they could use them as search tags on the episodes when the new site was ready.

While I’ve certainly been influenced by other podcasts (Digg Nation, The Totally Rad Show, and Smodcast to name a few), it was an episode of Horror Etc. that inspired me to start my own podcasting journey. I’d been kicking the idea of doing a podcast around for a while, and then I listened to episode 177 of Horror Etc. It was the Phantasm episode, which Ted did solo. I’ll never forget the night I listened to him talk for over an hour about Phantasm without a co-host to help carry the load. All the doubts I’d been having about doing a show with a co-host felt stupid, and I felt if Ted had the courage to grab the mic solo for over an hour, I could certainly muster up the courage to cohost a show. So I did some research, starting with Horror Etc. episode 148 – The State Of The Podcast(ing), and a little over a month later, The Askancity Podcast was born. 236 episodes later, and we’re still putting them out on a mostly weekly basis.

Then oddly enough, I was on the Horror Etc. Facebook group, when myself and another gentlemen name Philip Perron were both trying to figure out if we would piss anyone off by promoting our respective podcasts there. Phil and I got to chatting, and I joined him on episode 10 of the Dark Discussions podcast to talk about Rear Window. Since then, I’ve become a regular co-host of that show, and have recorded 164 episodes of the show with Phil, Mike (Mister D on the Horror Etc. forum) and the gang. I think Dark Discussions owes a debt to Horror Etc., and I personally have now recorded 400 podcast episodes that I may never have done had I not been inspired by Ted to get over my fear of recording my own voice.

So while Tony, Ted, and Doug may not be recording any new episodes, they have an expansive back catalogue of 376 episodes that I encourage people to check out. And if you listen closely, you can still hear Doug’s voice in the wind...probably because he’s now co-hosting The Last Horrorcast with Scott, which I can also recommend. So cheers to you gentlemen, for talking about the movies we love, and introducing us to some great ones we’d never heard of. Best of luck with your future endeavors. I salute you.