The Evil Dead and Me

by Johnny Andrews

May 05, 2012


Ok, right, got everybody’s attention, just saying Evil Dead really should have. Now the majority of us freaks and weirdoes love Ash and his fight against the Deadites, from Sam Raimi’s original to Army of Darkness. The shaky cam, howling of the evil, the OTT blood splatter and not forgetting Bruce Campbell’s great one-liners. Even the games and comic- books are great, with the weird mix and mash of Evil Dead and the lovely Xena: warrior princess.

Pure brilliance.

However over the years there’s been rumours of either a fourth instalment or…dare I say it, a remake of the original. Now if it’s Sam and Bruce, I’m all for a fourth one, I mean they could take the idea from the old game Evil Dead: Regeneration, where you find Ash is inside a mental asylum for his tales of what happened in that cabin in the woods. I’m kind of worried though. Ok they just managed to remake a pretty good film out of Nightmare on Elm Street but without Robert Englund. Just wasn’t as good, Now I know I’m biased because Bruce Campbell makes the evil dead series brilliant, but can it have the same fun without him, will it look too…modern…time will tell what happens. But right now I’m afraid and very fearful.