An Untapped Market

by Johnny Andrews

May 05, 2012


Ok, everyone loves those shuffling moaning walking dead, right, well compared to other genres I personally don’t think so, especially here in the U.K.

Now unless it’s the ZOMBIEFATHER George A. Romero and his zombie epics, or if it’s a remake of said director’s films, you’ve got to look at comedy with zombies in for a film with a budget of more then £45 (see the movie “Colin”). So we’re looking at “Shaun of the dead” and “Zombieland”, awesome films by the way. If you haven’t seen them, where have you been?

Same goes for books, you can look to publications like Permuted Press for great zombie fiction like the late, great Z.A Recht and his “Morningstar strain” set or even Abaddon books with their Tomes of the dead set of zombie fiction. I’ve been lucky and looked online or befriend some authors like Craig Dilouie of “Tooth and Nail” fame and Eric S Brown who in one decision decided to write a novella set in the west featuring the dead. But the last several books have been imported from America or found by luck in charity shops. No the zombie market is only strong on the video game market, but without big budget zombie movies and easy to get novels will the videogame market destroy the zombie culture before it’s back again.

There’s tons of games like “Stubbs the Zombie” on original XBOX which was a new concept allowing the player to control a zombie, rather then the likes of “Resident Evil” where you take aim and blow the brains out one by one. Which is the most common and that’s fine, it’s fun, every so often you get a weird little gem like PS2’s Zombie Virus or Zombie Vs Ambulance, where in a budget game world you take to the streets in your ambulance and run over countless amounts of zombies trying to save survivors dotted around the city. But after numerous Resident Evil games, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, numerous online games and coming soon Dead Island and Lollipop Chainsaw (which looks fun) is the videogame area getting the better deal?