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Episode 388 - The Devil's Advocate (1997)

1997 was an interesting year for some performers. Both Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves were on a run of rejuvenating their careers. Charlize Theron would suddenly become a leading actress, and Connie Nielsen would do her very first English language film which would put her on the radar for many years. The film that brought them all together was the 1997 horror film, THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.

Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) is a defense attorney out of Gainsville, Florida. When a Manhattan law firm asks him to come to the city to help pick a jury for an important case, not only does he shine but he’s offered a full time position. His wife (Charlize Theron) pushes him to accept. But when they move there, Kevin’s new boss may be someone more than he lets on to be. And soon the Lomax’s life begins to spiral downwards.

The movie is directed by Taylor Hackford best known for such films as AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN (1982) and DOLORES CLAIBORNE (1995). And the screenplay was co-written by Tony Gilroy who directed such films as MICHAEL CLAYTON (2007) and THE BOURNE LEGACY (2012). Dark Discussions takes a look at this cult classic and gives their thoughts.

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Episode 387 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Kaiju monster movies or their kin have been around for over 90 years. KING KONG from 1933 may be the very first. While there were a number of “one off” films starring various monsters, one creature, Godzilla, has sprung a number of films in its franchise. As of 2019, the latest in the so called Monsterverse was released entitled GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS.

Monarch, an organization that tracks the giant monsters, is hit by a terrorist attack. Some of their technology is hijacked. Soon a number of kaiju are revived and begin to attack throughout the world. With his daughter disappearing, former Monarch doctor Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) is brought back in to help track why this new wave of monster aggression is occurring. A question is presented whether or not there was an inside job that has caused the entire bedlam.

A follow up to the 2014 film GODZILLA, this new movie stars Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, Charles Dance, and Ken Wanatabe. Unlike its predecessor, the movie has reviewed mixed reviews and its box office has been uneventful. Dark Discussions takes a look at this new film and gives their opinions.

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Episode 386 - Brightburn (2019)

Last year, at San Diego ComicCon, James Gunn was all set to announce his latest upcoming project. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to pull out of the convention and the announcement never came. The latest film, though, was getting prepared for a 2019 release. That film turned out to be BRIGHTBURN, a film directed by David Yarovesky and written by screenwriters Brian Gunn and Mark Gunn.

After failing to conceive, the Breyers are blessed with an alien child that crashed landed on their Kansas farm. Not sure where he was from, they adopted the boy and brought him up as their own. Now twelve years old, Brandon suddenly discovers that he may have abilities not like other folks. Hidden away in the family barn, the spacecraft begins to transmit messages to him which may cause him to lose self-will.

The film is being compared to such movies as CHRONICLE (2012) as well as SUPERMAN (1978). With its plot of a young boy that actually may have super powers, the question is asked what would happen if he was bad? In excellent performances, the Breyers are played by Elizabeth Banks (SLITHER) and DAVID DENMAM (THE OFFICE). Dark Discussions takes a look at this new sci-fi horror film and gives their thoughts.

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Episode 385 - Terrified (2018)

The “ghost story” is such a generic term. Does it mean phantoms, or poltergeists, or demons, or all of them together? Some of the defining moments in modern ghost cinema are THE RING (1988), THE CONJURING (2013), INSIDIUS (2010), and THE OTHERS (2001). The 2018 Argentinean film TERRIFIED became a Shudder exclusive and turned out to be one of the channels top Halloween films.

A small neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires suddenly becomes a hot bed for deaths and strange occurrences. A husband is arrested for the brutal death of his wife, a young boy is killed by a commuter bus, a neighbor locks himself up in his house and refuses to see anyone, and the body appears to have been dug up from the locally cemetery and left in the kitchen of a grieving family. A police inspector and three paranormal investigators team up to figure out what is going on.

Considered one of the more terrifying ghost stories in some time, the movie was named by many as one of the top horror films of last year. Dark Discussions placed it upon their own top ten best genre films of 2018. Your co-hosts have chosen it as their latest discussion topic. Join us and hear what we have to say.

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Episode 384 - The House That Jack Built (2018)

There is no doubt Lars von Trier is a fantastic director (and screenwriter). His movies, though falling more towards the arthouse, have always been solid works of art. The issue with him is he seems to say silly things or alienate folks that are supposed to critique his movies. With his latest film, THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (2018), some critics felt the film was a symbolic attack on them. Even with that, the movie generally has been able to overcome such criticism.

Jack is a serial killer. But to him, his murdering is a form of art. However, he is smart enough to know what he is. The need to kill keeps coming back, and his issues, including OCD, seem to haunt him. When he picks up a woman who has a flat tire, her rudeness causes him to snap. This is the beginning of his treacherous ways. In numerous acts, Jack is portrayed doing his dirty work while explaining to an unseen man his thought process as he goes about his day.

In a career defining performance by Matt Dillon, the movie once more shows why such critics like Roger Ebert had considered him one of his generation’s best actors. Almost having to carry the film all by himself, the role was assuredly worth award recognition. Dark Discussions takes a look at this very controversial film and gives their thoughts.

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Episode 383 - No Country For Old Men (2007)

In 2005, the novel NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, written by Cormac McCarthy, was released. Oddly, the novel received mixed reviews since it was a departure from the author’s usual prose. Unlike his other works, this one had originally been written as a potential screenplay prior being turned into a novel. Almost immediately the Coen brothers took the property, writing the screenplay and adapted it into the 2007 film.

Llewelyn Moss, while hunting pronghorn in the desert of Southern Texas, stumbles upon the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong. When he leaves the scene with a million dollars of drug money, he soon has a group of cartel men and bounty hunters after him, including the peculiar Anton Chigurh. Sheriff Bell is soon piecing together what has happened and is on a journey to save Llewelyn before he lands up dead.

The cast includes Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem in leading roles. Considered by many to be one of the greatest thrillers of all time, the movie went on to win a number of awards. Now considered a classic, the movie continues to be listed on “best of” lists. Dark Discussions takes a look at this amazing film and gives their thoughts.

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Episode 369 - 2018 Review

We are already a month into 2019 and some good films have come out. But last year was a heck of a year too. Dark Discussions puts together their review of all that was good and bad in 2018. More than 75 different films were worthy enough to be considered as a top 20 movie in genre cinema.

Each of your five co-hosts put together a list of movies that were worthy of their own personal top films of the year. This included both a list of horror movies and a list of other speculative fiction films. Afterwards we then combined them and came up with Dark Discussions definitive lists of the best of 2018. Some obvious films like A Quiet Place and Hereditary appear but also little known films like Housewife, Mon Mon Mon Monsters, and Terrified were considered.

Also included are some of our listener choices and what they felt were the best of the year. And don’t forget our top and worst scenes, scream queens, breakout star, and anything else you can think of. Dark Discussions wraps up last year in a nice tight bow and gives their listeners a good many films to go out and search for.

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Episode 367 - 2019 Preview

With January 2019 underway, it is time to visit what is coming this year to cinemas, video-on-demand platforms, as well as those genre films that are going straight to disc. Last year, horror seemed to dominate genre and there were a lot of great flicks. This year once again there seems to be a lot of great ones coming. Plus also more superhero flicks. Reboots and remakes and sequels are also arriving too.

Dark Discussions once again is back with their look forward to the new year and which films seem to interest them most. Some of the more high profile flicks spoken of include IT CHAPTER 2, PET SEMATARY, GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS, as well as the new ANNABELLE film.

Some other flicks talked about include VELVET BUZZSAW, THE HOLE IN THE GROUND, UNDER THE SILVER LAKE and BRIGHTBURN. And then at the very end we list off other films and talk about some of the latest news about movies and genre cinema.

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Episode 365 - New Year's Bucket List Special

New Year's resolutions are a big thing for folks. Some want to lose weight, find a spouse, get a new job, work towards completing something; others have goals that they strive for. Co-host Mike said that there are a lot of genre films he hasn't seen that he wants to get to, so as a New Year's resolution, why not ask all the co-hosts to see some film they always wanted to see and then discuss. The third year doing so, each co-host chose a genre movie that they had never seen and decided to watch it and give their opinions.

Films we discuss are EYES WITHOUT A FACE (1962), THEM! (1954), THE MUMMY (1932), and VANISHING POINT (1971). A wide variety of films they are but also some important ones too that one of your co-hosts finally got to see.

With all that, Dark Discussions would like to say happy 2019 to all our listeners and patreon supporters, both new and old, and hope to hear some of the films you folks have never seen and plan to in this new year. Email us and let us know.

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Episode 358 - Dan Lench Special

Since the inception of Dark Discussions Podcast, not only have your co-hosts become good friends, but they have met many of the listeners, sometimes in person, but also online on social media. With topics including smaller films and independent cinema, writers, actors, and directors have come aboard to the Dark Discussions Podcast community. One such person, Dan Lench, star of such films as CIRCLE and THE LURKING MAN, has become an important part of the “family.”

Having done splendid work in genre cinema including playing a scoundrel banker, an insane mental patient, and a demon from the underworld, Dan has proven not only to be one fantastic actor, but also a true fan of genre cinema and all its scares.

The man himself has been interviewed by your co-hosts a number of times to discuss his work and what’s next. While presently working on the stage in an adaption of Oscar Wilde’s THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, Dark Discussions has asked him to appear once more to give his thoughts of some of his most favorite horror films.

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Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews Volume 008

Welcome to the latest edition of Halloween Boutique Psychotronic Reviews – a podcast that reviews and critiques films released by boutique labels that have taken old and sometimes forgotten midnight movies and re-releases them in special editions where the quality of the picture is fully remastered, usually from onetime lost or privately owned negatives or prints.

This month is a bit different. This volume rather than doing an episode on midnight movies, I instead have focused on a subject. With June being LGBTQ Pride Month, I have searched about and found seven films specific to a lesbian theme. But unlike the typical exploitation films released by boutique companies, I’ve focused exclusively with arthouse films of the serious type.

The seven movies reviewed are of various quality, with a few being outstanding, and a handful being wonderful surprises. The films include alphabetically AWOL (2016), BARE (2015), BELOW HER MOUTH (2016), BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR (2013), DUCK BUTTER (2018), ROOM IN ROME (2010), and SUMMERTIME (2015). Sorry for the long delay between episodes, but I am now back.

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Episode S02 - C.H.U.D. Lives! A Horror Anthology

April 27th, 2018 release of horror anthology C.H.U.D. Lives!: A Tribute Anthology. Dark Discussions interviews some of the authors of this new horror book including Ross Baxter, Chad Lutzke, and Philip Perron.

C.H.U.D. is a genre defying, cult classic film featuring monsters living in the sewers below New York. The stories in this anthology expand the world created by the film and add depth to the C.H.U.D. universe like never before. From stories of apocalyptic horror and all out monster action, to tales of underground parties interrupted by uninvited guests and evening strolls that end in death, this anthology will leave you both smiling and breathless.

Relive the fear as these original stories take you beyond the movie to events that occurred before, during, and after the scenes we remember so well.

Includes C.H.U.D. related stories by Jonathan Maberry, Tim Waggoner, JG Faherty, Mort Castle, Michael H. Hanson, Martin Powell, Ben Fisher, Jason White, Chad Lutzke, Ross Baxter, Philip C Perron, David Bernstein, Nick Cato, Alex Laybourne, Christopher Fulbright, Angeline Hawkes, David Robbins, Robert Waters, Greg Mitchell, Ryan C. Thomas, and Eugene Johnson.

With an introduction by David Drake. Compiled by Eric S. Brown.

C.H.U.D. Lives! also features in-depth interviews with Andrew Bonime (producer) and Parnell Hall (screenwriter), as well as never before seen behind-the-scenes photos from the classic 80s horror film.